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OrderNow Orbit Infant System - Black

Orbit Infant System - Black

Product Description
Orbit Infant Car Seat:
The Orbit Infant Car Seat provides maximum security for your baby while making your life simpler and more comfortable. The Infant Car Seat fits infants up to 22 lbs. and 29 inches, and meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 213) and ASTM standards (F2050-03). The deep cradle design gives your baby one of the largest side-protection areas available on the market. It is the only car seat that ergonomically rotates into the patent-pending SmartHub for simple docking. It features 360-degree rotation on the Stroller that allows your baby to be rear, forward or even sideways-facing. The micro-fiber upholstery's patent-pending design easily removes for machine-washing. The unique ballistic nylon skin protects your seat and is padded for your carrying comfort. The patent-pending soft carrier handles enable exceptionally comfortable carrying. Orbit's exclusive Paparazzi Shield provides extra coverage and protection from the elements for your baby.

Orbit Base:
The Orbit Base makes your life easier and your child more secure by using the most advanced technology ever incorporated into car seat design. No base or car seat has ever been simpler or quicker to install safely. Patent-pending StrongArm technology makes a safe installation as easy and quick as the turn of a knob. The Base forms both the foundation for car seat safety in the Orbit Infant System, and is compatible with the Toddler Car Seat. The Base meets or exceeds all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS213). Orbit's patent-pending SmartHub lets you easily dock the Infant Car Seat from almost any angle wiht no need to line up any grooves or notches. The aerospace-grade aluminum backbone provides unparalleled strength. The Base is LATCH-optimized, as well. With its high-end materials, fit and finish, the Base is designed to complement and accent your premium car interior.

Orbit Stroller:
The Orbit Stroller makes it


  • New families looking for the most advanced, most convenient, and most secure car seat and stroller system on the market can turn to the Orbit Infant System
  • This 3 piece starter kit forms a complete mobility solution for you and your baby the Infant Car Seat easily docks into both the Stroller and Base. Better yet, future Orbit seats will allow the kit to grow as your baby grows

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The Best Out There!!!
I have reviewed every single stroller out there. I have spent hours testing and trying out the plethora of strollers that exist today, and the Orbit System is, hands down, the best!! I love the compact one-hand fold feature...just one twist on the bar and the frame simply clicks shut. Wow!!! What's also great is that the frame fits in the trunk of the car (VW Jetta TDI) unlike the "mother-of-bulkiness" a.k.a. Graco Travel System (for example). The paparazzi shield is ingenius! It helps protect against unwanted sun and people who just have the uncontrollable NEED to touch newborn babies, while strolling in the store...if you know what I mean. For my needs, the diaper bag/cargo pod could be bigger and have some compartments added, but for necessities it'll do; today, I use an added diaper backpack and just hang it on one of the biggie. The 360 degree rotating feature is wonderfully convenient, esp. when I'm going for walks in the neighborhood, with the sun shining in a different direction every time I make a turn around the block; one simple turn and "Presto!" baby is out of the sun! My husband loves the adjustable handles, which have 3 height adjustment options; this stroller is great for tall people. The ride is soooo smooth, requiring only one hand, if needed. There are no unstable wheels. The suspension on the front, I guess, helps a little with shock absorption, but I don't notice that much of a difference when going over a bump. Hey, a bump is a bump. After initially inflating the two rear air-filled tires, I only needed to pump one additional time in the entire 6 months of owning this item. Most importantly, car seat is super safe and comfortable for my little one. I have had now problem with tangled straps. She absolutely loves her Orbit seat! No complaining, she is just smiles and coos, when she goes on her excursions... Over all, I recommend this over any stroller. It is pricey, but think about it. If you plan on having more than one child, you can purchase multiple plastic framed strollers or a safe & sturdy metal frame one, which will last with ALL of the children. P.S.= It has a great resale value! So, you even get some of your money back. All I can say is get this item. You won't regret it. Just get your spiel prepared because you'll get so many people asking about how awesome your stroller is and where you got it :)

Definitely not worth the $$$
I, too, like so many parents out there did my research. And, the net of it is, this stroller is not worth the money AND is impractical.

1) it is heavy and cumbersome which is the LAST thing you want went you are carrying around a wiggly, squirmy, sleeping, etc. baby.

2) it costs and arm and a leg. do yourself and your baby a favor and buy something less expensive (and better) and take the money you saved and put it toward something else.

I eventually went with the basic Graco Snugride carseat and their "snap and go" style stroller. It's easy, relatively light weight, and about 1/5 the price of this silly "system." Also, with all the money you save you can buy another stroller for when baby gets bigger - one that really makes sense - maybe a jogger or a City Mini or a MacLaren, etc.

So far so good!
We really like this system, but still haven't officially used it, because our baby hasn't arrived. We really liked it in the store and it was great to find it for $200 less then in the store. Very lightweight and easy to use!

Very Satisfied
I love this car seat/stroller combo and have gotten so many compliments. My favorite feature is the swival. It makes the car seat really easy to get in the car, simply place it on the base and then rotate into position.

I also like that I can use the seat without the base.

The only negative I have is that the seat is very big. I have a Mazda 3 and fitting the infant seat in the car makes for squishy seating in the front. This does not seem to be an issue with my sister's Honda Accord, so I think it is just an issue if you have a small compact car. Also - it does not fit on an airline seat if the seat in front is reclined.

Overall, I highly recommend this seat. The flexible carry strap, ability to rotate, and the fact that the baby is so deep in the seat makes it a great system.

LOVE the Orbit!
We LOVE our Orbit and can't recommend it highly enough! We agonized for hours and hours about which stroller to buy, and we definitely made the right choice.


Once I saw how easy the Orbit was to set up and breakdown, it was a no-brainer. You literally pop the infant car seat right onto the base in the car and then onto the stroller. To breakdown the stroller base, you just twist the handle with one hand, and it fully collapses. The stroller base is also very light, so you can easily lift it with one hand. It doesn't take up very much room in the car either. It is also VERY convenient that you can turn the car seat towards you if you want to take your baby in and out of the car.


The coolest part of the Orbit is you can swivel the seat in any direction, so the sun is NEVER in your babies eyes on a walk. Many of my friends with the Bugaboo or the Bob have to safety pin a burp cloth on the top of the sun shade to try to block the sun. I simply swivel the car seat away from the sun, and my problem was solved. The windshield also comes in very handy since I live in a city that is pretty cold and breezy.


I can't tell you how many comments I get when I am out and about with this stroller. Is is super sleek, and modern looking. It is also very thin, so you can maneuver in and out of stores easily.


I always feel really safe with my baby protected in the cocoon shape of the Orbit car seat. It also has impeccable safety ratings which is clearly important to any mom.


My baby loves when I put him in his car seat and never complains! This leads me to believe he was very comfy. :) It is also great that he is perched up a bit so he can see what is going on during our walks.


The only negative that I find with the car seat is the weight. As my baby is getting bigger and heavier, the car seat is getting pretty heavy to carry with him in it. However, all the positives help outweigh this factor.

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